Bill Poser

Photo of Bill Poser hiking in Hokkaido
Hiking in Hokkaido, when I had more hair.
[The nice plaque to my right says: Please cooperate in carrying home your garbage.]


7440 Kinchen Drive
Prince George, BC
V2K 3K2 Canada
Skype: billposer
landline: 250-962-2204
cell: 250-640-1292
Mail sent to this address is forwarded to wherever I am actually reading my email.
53˚ 54′ 48.8″ N, 122˚ 45′ 00.7″ W

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Cover of Book The Carrier Language Cover of Book Introduction to the Carrier Syllabics Cover of Book Lheidli T'enneh Cemetery Cover of Book Language Classification Stony Creek Carrier Dictionary

Computational Methods for Linguistic Research

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