with audio1,87032.5%
          with audio of headword [x̄ = 1.51 per entry]1,76230.6%
          with audio only via example1081.9%
     with example1,82231.7%
     with image [x̄ = 1.06 per entry]2584.5%
     with phonetic image20.0%
     with verb structure chart2,60875.4%
     with video10.0%
Example sentences1,786
     with audio [x̄ = 1.19 per example]36420.4%
     with glosses1,786100.0%
     with morpheme glosses30.2%
     stems per root3.38
Prefixes & Suffixes96
     with links to examples5759.4%
Ancillary audio files47
Explanatory audio files0
Scientific Names153
External Links255
Map links71 
Entry cross-references513
Root cross-references552
Example sentence notes23
Morphophonemic notes1,443
Semantic fields tagged5,74599.9%