Setting the Encoding in X Terminal Windows

X terminal windows are capable of displaying text in a variety of encodings, though of course the necessary fonts must be installed. Here is a window displaying a text encoded in ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) using an incorrect encoding:

An xterm window using the wrong encoding

Clicking on the terminal entry in the menubar brings up this menu:
The xterm window with the terminal menu popped up

Clicking on the character encoding entry in the terminal menu brings up this submenu:
The xterm window with the encoding submenu popped up

If the encoding you want is listed, select it to change the window to that encoding. If we select ISO-8859-1 in our example and redisplay the text, it is displayed correctly:
The xterm window now using the correct encoding

If the desired encoding is not listed, click on Add or Remove. This brings up a list of encodings that can be added.
The xterm window with the encoding addition subsubmenu popped up

Add the encoding you want and then select it as above.