Recommended Books

Here are some useful books for people doing computational research in linguistics.

Unicode Demystified
Richard Gillam

A detailed introduction to and explanation of the Unicode standard.
Unicode Standard, Version 5.0
The Unicode Consortium

The standard itself, worth having in print form if you do much work with Unicode.
Fonts and Encodings
Yannis Haralambous

A detailed explanation of current font technology, with descriptions of common encodings.
Mastering Regular Expressions
Jeffrey Friedl

A thorough discussion of regular expressions, including several common notations and tips for optimization. Not for novices.
Analyzing Linguistic Data
R. H. Baayen

An excellant introduction to statistics useful in linguistics using the free software package R.
Text Processing in Python
David Mertz

A good introduction to text processing in Python. The examples, however, are more of interest to programmers than to linguists.
Finite State Morphology
K. R. Beesley & Lauri Karttunen

An excellant explanation of how to use the Xerox Finite State Tools, with realistic examples.
Phonetic Data Analysis
Peter Ladefoged

An introduction to the methods of instrumental phonetics including field methods.