Command Line Arguments

Command line arguments consist of various option flags followed by an optional filename. If a filename is given, test input data will be read from that file.

-c[lasses] <filename>
Read definitions of character classes from file <filename>
Set debug flag. Among other things, this prevents the various temporary files from being deleted on exit.
-F[eatures] <filename>
Read program feature settings from the specified file.
If this flag is specified, regular expression output is sent to the standard output as well as to the output window, and test data is automatically read from the standard input.
Do not read history file.
Print usage information.
-I <file name>
Read the file <file name> as the initialization file.
Do not read initialization file.
Do not execute feature tests.
List the programs supported and indicate which are available.
-p[rogram] <program>
Use <program> to execute regular expressions. If this option is used, it overrides both the default and any specification of the program in the user's initialization file.
-s[ubstitution mode]
Start up in substitution mode.
Print the results of feature tests during palette construction.
Print the program name and version.


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