The basic display consists of five stacked layers: a menu bar, a message region, in which messages are displayed, a region in which to enter regular expressions, the input data window, and the output window, in which the result of executing the regular expression is displayed. Here is a typical display:

The Basic Screen Layout

The title bar shows the name of the program, the version, the current locale, and the mode.

The menu buttons appear across the top. A regular expression appears in the third, green window. The message in the window above it indicates that it has been executed by egrep. The fourth window shows the beginning of the test data. The result of matching the regular expression against the test data appears in the bottom window.

The main window is divided into three regions. The first consists of the menu bar and message region, whose positions are fixed. Next comes the regular expression region and, if in substitution mode, the substitution expression window. These two may be placed side-by-side or one above the other. The third region consists of the test data input region, the results output region, and optionally, the comparison data region. These too may be placed side-by-side or one above the other. The layout is controlled by two toggles located on the Configure menu.

If the pointer remains motionless over a window for some time, a small window pops up explaining the window's function.

Illustration of Balloon Help

This "balloon help" may be disabled from the Miscellaneous submenu of the Configure menu.

The Miscellaneous Submenu of the Configure Menu


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