Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts may be defined for most commands available from a menu. A list of the currently defined shortcuts may be obtained from the Help menu. or, by default, by typing Control-k.

You may define additional shortcuts or override the defaults by defining shortcuts in your initialization file. The command DefineShortcut takes two arguments: the name of the command for which to create a shortcut and a specification of the key combination with which to associate the command. A list of the commands for which shortcuts may be defined is available from the Initialization File submenu of the Help menu.

Key combination specifications are of the form standard in the X Windows system, e.g. <KeyPress-a> for the letter a, <KeyPress-F1> for the first function key, and <Control-a> for the simultaneous combination of the Control key and a. Shortcuts may consist of a sequence of key presses or chords, e.g. <Control-x><Control-s>. For example, to make the simultaneous pressing of the Control key and e execute the regular expression, the initialization file should contain the line:

DefineShortcut ExecuteRegexp {<Control-e>}

If you wish you may define multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same command.


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