Miscellaneous Tools


When there is substantial data it can be helpful to be able to search. Popup search tools are therefore provided for searching the test data and results. These may be found on the Tools menu.

A Search Widget

The Result Cache

The last five results are stored and available for manipulation. A command available via the Tools menu command pops up a window that allows the user to manipulate the stored results. This window displays a summary of the stored results consisting of the name of the program used, the number of results, and the first portion of the regular expression. Each result is associated with a checkbox. Any subset of the five results may be selected.

Clicking on the Save button causes Redet to save each of the selected results to a distinct file. Redet will bring up a file selection dialogue for each result.

The Result Cache - Saving

Clicking on the Compare button results in the pairwise comparison of the selected results. Redet will indicate via a message in the Message window whether the results compared are the same or different.

The Result Cache - Comparison


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