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As of version 3.1, the Iwidgets library is optional, facilitating installation.

As of version 3.0, SndBite can determine the location of silences by itself, without using any other program.

I developed SndBite for what I thought was a rather narrow use, expecting that the only people who would have a use for it would be phoneticians, psycholinguists, and people preparing language teaching materials. It seems to be getting more use than I anticipated, which makes me wonder whether it is being used in ways that I didn't anticipate or whether there are more users of the type I did anticipate than I realized. So, if you are using SndBite, I'd appreciate it if you would send me a note indicating how you are using it.


SndBite is a specialized audio editor, designed for breaking large recordings into smaller components with great efficiency. Its principal intended application is in linguistic research where it is often desirable to put each word or sentence into a separate file before further processing. Special features include:

Reference Manual

You can read the reference manual (a web page with lots of screenshots) here. A copy is included along with the program.


SndBite is known to run on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. It should run anywhere that Tcl/Tk and the Snack library are available. This includes: FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Solaris. SndBite does not currently run under Mac OS X on Intel processors due to the unavailability of the Snack library on this platform.

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 Iwidgets (optional)
Current version3.3
Last modified2008-12-13
LicenseGNU General Public License, Version 3

Note: obtaining the necessary Tcl/Tk environment.

In addition to Tcl/Tk proper, SndBite uses three libraries: tcllib::math, Snack, and Iwidgets. The first two are required; Iwidgets is optional. SndBite will detect whether Iwidgets is available. If it is not available, custom character charts are not available. tcllib is almost always included in Tcl distributions - it is unlikely that you will need to install it separately.

If you already have Tcl/Tk and just need to add the libraries, you can obtain them from the project sites to which links are given above. Note that iwidgets is an alternative name for [incr widgets].

The easiest way to obtain the Tcl/Tk environment you need if it is not provided by your operating system is to install the ActiveTcl distribution from ActiveState. This distribution provides the Tcl language, the Tk graphics library, and a bunch of extensions, including [incr widgets] and Snack. Don't be concerned by the fact that ActiveState is a commercial outfit. The Tcl/Tk distribution that they provide is free as in both beer and speech. They make their money selling services and programming tools. The ActiveTcl distribution is currently available for: GNU/Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and MS Windows.

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For those for whom installing Tcl/Tk is a problem, the following are single-file executables that contain SndBite along with the Tcl interpreter and the necessary libraries. They do not include the manual. They also do not include the Iwidgets library, as a result of which custom character charts are not available.

If you would like to be notified of new releases, subscribe to sndbite at Freshmeat.

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Softpedia 100% free award

Known Bugs

No bugs are presently known.


3.3 2008-12-13




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