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Title File Modified
Are Strict Cycle Effects Derivable? ssc.pdf 1993
Binary Comparison and the History of Hokan Comparative Studies hokan.pdf 1995
Blocking of Phrasal Constructions by Lexical Items blocking.pdf 1992
Carrier Monosyllabic Noun Stems carmono.pdf 2002-02-02
The Carrier Syllabics syllipa.pdf 2002-04-23
Cliticization to NP and Lexical Phonology ctnplp.pdf 1985
Constraints on Source/Goal Co-Occurrence in Carrrier sgr.pdf 2002-12-28
Curriculum Vitae cv.pdf 2003-06-20
D-Effect Related Phenomena in Southern Dakelh deffect.pdf 2002-02-01
Dating Velar Palatalization in Carrier DatingVelar.pdf 2004-07-16
The Double-O Constraints in Japanese oo.pdf 2002-06-11
The Double Object Constraint in French is not a Constraint on Thematic Roles oofr.pdf 2001-11-17
Dulkw'ahke: the First Carrier Writing System dulkwah.pdf 2003-02-25
Effective Uncountability in Carrier Lexical Semantics euoc.pdf 2003-11-19
First Person Plural Subject in Ulkatcho Carrier fppsulk.pdf 2002-12-28
Glide Formation and Compensatory Lengthening in Japanese gfclj.pdf 1988
Indo-European Practice and Historical Methodology iephm.pdf 1992
Japanese Periphrastic Verbs and Noun Incorporation japper.pdf 2002/06/03
Lexical Databases for Carrier carlexdb.pdf 2002-05-26
Lexical Periphrastics: A Third Periphrastic Construction in Japanese lexper.pdf 2002-06-03
ma.pdf 1991
MSORT Reference Manual - Version 8.42 msort.pdf 2008-02-06
Making Athabaskan Dictionaries Usable makath.pdf 2002-10-06
The Names of the First Nations Languages of British Columbia Updated! bclgnames.pdf 2009-02-20
Native Language Curriculum for Adults: Experience with a University-Level Carrier Curriculum nlca.pdf 2001-12-08
Notes on Carrier Writing Systems (print landscape mode) orchart.pdf 2000-10-30/
A Note on Sakhalin Ainu Morphophonemics ainumorph.pdf 2001-12-08
Noun Classification in Carrier nclass.pdf 2004-07-16
On the End of the Ritwan Controversy oerc.pdf 2003-02-12
Review of Mother of Writing mowrev.pdf 1994
Review of Speech Communication: Human and Machine oshaughnessy.pdf 1990
Review of Språk och skrift i Öst- och Sydöstasien svantesson.pdf 1992
Review of Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese TaylorReview.pdf 2002
The Salinan and Yurumangui Data in Language in the Americas sydilia.pdf 1992
Scope and Dummy Verbs in Carrier sdvc.pdf 1999
The Solid Phase of Water in Carrier solidwater.pdf 2004-01-03
Sir Thomas Young and Statistical Evidence of Historical Relationship young.pdf 2002-03-02
On The Status of Chumash Sibilant Harmony ChumashStatus.pdf 2004-09-24
The Status of Documentation for British Columbia Native Languages docstat.pdf 2003-11-15
Web Pages for Studying Language and Culture wpfslc.pdf 2001-11-08
Why Cases of Syllabic Reduplication Are So Hard To Find (scans of ms.) 1982
Word-Internal Phrase Boundary in Japanese wipbij.pdf 1990

Some phonetics handouts can be found here.