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This is a dictionary of the variety of Carrier spoken by the S̲aik'uz̲ First Nation.


Compiled by: Bill Poser

Other Resources

Introduction to the Sound System
An explanation of the sounds of the S̲aik'uz̲ dialect and the writing system, with audio.
The Carrier Language: a brief introduction
A book about the Carrier language, recommended as background for those learning the language.
Carrier Syllabics Textbook
A textbook of the Carrier syllabics, with a detailed, systematic explanation of the writing system, sample texts, and exercises, with answers.
References on linguistic, cultural, historical, biological and other topics raised in the dictionary.
Carrier Placename Map
An interactive pan-dialectal map showing the Carrier names of places.
Carrier Language Resources
A list of resources for the language, in general and for specific dialects.

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