Dakelh Keyoh


Dialects:   eb Eastern Blackwater  | che Cheslatta  | fl Fraser Lake     lhe Lheidli  |   | nak Nak'albun  | sai S̲aik'uz̲  |   | ulk Ulkatcho

If all markers are displayed, click on a name in the index at the left to re-center the map on that location and make the marker bounce up and down. Otherwise, click on a name to add the marker for that name to the map. Click on a marker to see the name of the place. If the Dakelh name of a place in a marker is a link, click on it to open the web dictionary entry in another tab. Click on the plus sign on the zoom bar to zoom in, the minus sign to zoom out. Hold the left mouse button down and drag to shift the map around. To show just one type of feature, e.g. only mountains, clear the display and then click on the icon for that type of feature at upper right.

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